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Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Who do you work with? 

 I work with adults of all ages, children, adolescents, and caregivers. 

2. What does a first session look like? 

The first session will be an informal interview to gather relevant information about your strengths, struggles and your goals for therapy.  I’ll begin to inquire about what you want out of life and what is important to you so that we can plan a strategy for helping you move in a more desired life direction. 

3. How long are sessions?  

 All sessions are 50 minutes long and can be paid for with check, cash  or credit card. Receipts available as requested.

4. What types of issues do you specialize in?

I  work with people dealing with a spectrum of issues including divorce,  relationship issues, work related stress, grief, child rearing/discipline.   The therapeutic approach I use gives us the tools to address a  wide range of issues.  The areas that  I specialize in are but not limited to depression, anxiety, anger management, and  low self esteem.   As we work together identifying what is most important to you ie. your values and goals, this gives us the foundation to move in directions of improved emotional well being which allows you to experience life more fully and congruently. 

Is there anything final thoughts on types of issues you work particularly well with?

Yes,  Men's issues- Historically gender roles have played a significant place in individual development.  One of the significant differences between men and woman are how they process life emotionally.  There are a there are a number of reasons for this  which include biology, cultural norms and other factors but many men in my experience  struggle  to express themselves and manage emotions when under stress.  I provide a safe place for men to work  through emotional struggles and challenges with another who also lives the male experience.  I have been involved in men's communities and support groups for the last 15 years and one of my greatest joys in life is  watching men grow emotionally and become strong role models for their children and spouses.  

5. What insurance plans do you accept?

I accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, United Health Care, Aetna, and some Employee Assistance Programs. 

6. Do you see clients online/video conferencing? 

Not Yet- This is something I’m looking into.

6. How much does a session cost?  

Therapy sessions are $180 per 50 minutes which will be billed to your insurance by McNulty Consultants provided we are an in-network provider under your plan.  You will be responsible for the co-pay or deductible amount at the time of service. If you are not utilizing insurance or using an out of network plan, counseling fees remain the same but accommodations can be made and a sliding fee schedule is available based on your individual situation.  

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I am understanding and empathic to variations income levels and people’s individual situation.   I know it can be difficult to find quality and affordable counseling when insurance cannot be accessed.  I will do what I can work with your financial situation. 

Providing individual, couples and family counseling.

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