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The words "Be Careful!" just fall out of our mouths so easily. But this phrase gives children no useful information. It only tells them, "I'm anxious, so you should be, too!"

As parents, on the one hand, we want to keep our kids safe. On the other hand, we also want our kids to grow and become stronger. That means, as much as we might want to keep them bundled in bubble wrap, we need to encourage them to take reasonable risks. No one grows by staying comfortable.

An anxiety attack tends to occur in response to certain stressors and may build gradually while panic attacks can occur unexpectedly and abruptly. Both may indicate an underlying health condition.

Do you notice that your partner is constantly unhappy and discontented? Falling short of what you might consider a form of depressive disorder, it may be that your partner just seems to lack joy in life.

As joyless as your partner seems to be, however, you notice that they refuse to discuss their feelings. Perhaps you’ve just had a pleasant evening with relatives with the exception of a tactless remark someone made toward your partner. On your way home, rather than talk about this incident, your partner just says, “It’s fine, I don’t care," and ends it at that.

We are living during emotionally challenging times. Recently, there has been widespread discussion of the mental health pandemic. More people are seeking mental health services now, and a shortage of providers is hindering their ability to get the help they need.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we can turn our attention more to prevention and early intervention. There will always be a need for mental health services, and people will need to continue seeking therapymedication, and other resources to address their emotional challenges. However, I wonder what it would look like if we worked to stay on top of our mental health before it reaches a point where we are in a crisis.

Breaking Down the New Anxiety Screening Guidelines for Kids

You may not think your child has anxiety, but new guidelines suggest it doesn’t hurt to get a professional opinion.

Children should get screened regardless of whether they have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, according to a new recommendation issued by a national task force that oversees mental health.

The Importance of Asking Your Partner the Right Questions

When you seek information from your partner, chances are you assume that no matter how you ask the question, you’ll get the same answer. You and your partner may even pride yourselves on your ability to read each other’s minds so that the exact words you use may seem irrelevant. However, if you stop and think about these assumptions, it might occur to you that there is more to question-asking as a strategy than you realize.

What to Do About Indecisiveness

Do you often feel torn between two or more options that sound equally appealing? If you do, you’re not alone. Every day, we need to make numerous decisions, big and small. Maybe you start your decision-making struggle when picking an outfit in the morning or thinking about whether you want your eggs for breakfast to be scrambled, poached, hard-boiled, or fried. Later in the day, you might spend hours thinking about whether you should authorize a business transaction or which job offer to accept

How to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself at Work

You start the workweek ready to tackle your tasks, feeling confident, but then, it happens.

You don’t speak up during an important meeting, and the critical voice in your head starts.

“They’re going to think you’re not engaged. How could you let that opportunity go by?”

You try to brush it off. Then you catch a typo in a report you submitted. “Can’t I get anything right?”

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